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CHG70 - Overdrive, ghosting and Freesync

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.

CHG70 - Overdrive, ghosting and Freesync

Postby foresterr » 11 Jan 2019, 07:02

Hello knowledgeable people,
Would you say this level of inverse ghosting / overshoot is insane, or I'll learn to live with it eventually? ;)

This is CHG70 (27 inch version) running at static 60Hz. That's also exactly what happens when Freesync falls into lower FPS. It makes it damn near unusable if a game in question happens to have any darker scenes.

I still have a hard time believing this monitor does not even have appropriate overdrive level for each static refresh rate it supports, though. It's really a pity, as I quite like everything else about it (well, except the stand :lol:).
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Re: CHG70 - Overdrive, ghosting and Freesync

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 13 Jan 2019, 03:11

VA panels often has pretty ghosty colors in dark shades, which can be quite noticeable for many. This seems average, possibly above average, for a VA panel, actually -- Samsung does it well -- I've seen way worse. Although a non-pursuit-photograph, I'm able to deduce the amount of ghosting from those.

VA has unusually asymmetric pixel response speeds (10x slower for dark shades than bright shades).

VA is also more temperature sensitive than other panels, so having the VA panel warm-up for 30 minutes can really help it. However, there are limits to that too.

The best solution is to try to keep your framerates really high, as that does help VA well.

Also, emulators and console ports may look somewhat better running at 60fps@120Hz, since the two-pass refresh cycles cleans up VA artifacts faster. This is not as applicable to TN or IPS. though.
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Re: CHG70 - Overdrive, ghosting and Freesync

Postby Q83Ia7ta » 13 Jan 2019, 06:35

Chief Blur Buster wrote:VA has unusually asymmetric pixel response speeds (10x slower for dark shades than bright shades).

Nice fact. What are fastest/slowest shades for TN?
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