Proper 40-60 freesync settings on nvidia

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.
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Proper 40-60 freesync settings on nvidia

Post by lexebidar » 20 Mar 2019, 19:47

Hey, I've got a 4k monitor (lg 27uk650) and in freesync extended mode, the range appears to be 40-60 in my testing.
The range is more like 41-59, since it tears a bit on frame 40 and 60.

So the solution is to force nvidia control panel global vsync but this introduced a lot of standard lag at the ceiling. On a normal 60hz monitor I just used to be running RTSS with global simple 60fps limit. It seems to also help here. is this correct?
The card is rtx 2070 btw.

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Re: Proper 40-60 freesync settings on nvidia

Post by jorimt » 20 Mar 2019, 21:46

Typically, you need at least a -3 FPS limit to stay in the VRR range, but that's on a genuine G-SYNC monitor w/module, so your milage may vary; G-SYNC Compatible FreeSync monitors, being software only (and possibly less accurate as a result), may currently need a lower limit to stay in range.

Obviously, 40-60 is already a pretty small VRR window, but you could attempt a simple test I explained recently in the below link:
Try lowering the in-game FPS limit frame by frame while strafing on the training map (in the area shown in the video: take a left from the starting room up the small set of stairs, and it's the wall to the left of the last training drone in the alcove) until the tearing is first reduced to the bottom of the screen, and then is mostly or completely eliminated, then note that number.
Once the tearing locks in at the bottom with G-SYNC + V-SYNC "Off," that is a good indicator that it will remain within the VRR range with G-SYNC + V-SYNC "On" at the given FPS limit.
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