variance between review sites...

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.
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variance between review sites...

Post by ramb0 » 26 Aug 2020, 03:16

So after hours and hours of searching around and trying to find the answer to what the best motion-free display is, i ended up going with the ASUS VG27AQ.

My main objective was to get a 1440p 144Hz display that has the best motion-free experience for FPS games.

I ended up going with the VG27AQ, most of the reviews i read at the time seemed good, and the folks at RTings rate it to have the best strobing (or as they call it, black frame insertion) out of all the 1440p displays they've tested.

However, after doing some of my own UFO tests with my VG27AQ, there seems to be quite a bit of cross talk, more than i was expecting...

Playing game it seems okay - but i went from playing games on a non-gaming 1440p 60Hz display, so i guess any upgrade at this point would look good...

So anyway, i just found another review, this time by Aperture Grille - which unfortunately paints a very different picture than RTings does... (RTings strobing ratings list here)

AnD sadly, my experience with the display is much closer to Aperture Grille's review than RTings review... Aperture Grille even end their review with the statement, "Don't purchase the ASUS VG27AQ for its ELMB Sync feature" - which is effectively the total opposite of what RTings are saying, and was the tipping point that made me buy the display..

i just wish i had of found Aperture Grille's review before i had purchased it, and i'm especially pissed that the hours i've spent trying to do my due diligence, i've still made a wrong purchase...

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