LFC kicking in earlier

Talk about AMD's FreeSync and VESA AdaptiveSync, which are variable refresh rate technologies. They also eliminate stutters, and eliminate tearing. List of FreeSync Monitors.
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Re: LFC kicking in earlier

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 07 Oct 2020, 21:50

christizzz wrote:
07 Oct 2020, 02:37
thanks so this is normal that the older GSYNC acer doesnt have LFC ?
LFC algorithms were more primitive in older monitors / older drivers, yes...
christizzz wrote:
07 Oct 2020, 02:37
I tsill dont undestand why also some flickers occurs in the pendulumn test when forcing the FPS tp 60...
Frame rate is constant , frame time is also constant.
Hmmm. Then, I'm not sure why that is happening. One possibility is that the LFC is internally tuned to 60Hz instead of 48Hz in the drivers for some reason.

To force consistent LFC behavior at 60Hz, you could try using ToastyX CRU to edit the FreeSync range higher/lower, to attempt to get the LFC window away from the 60.00fps area.
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Re: LFC kicking in earlier

Post by christizzz » 08 Oct 2020, 01:57

thank you for your replies...
tried the pendulum with my old native gsync monitor and forced it to 60fps...it was also flickering..so i guess its the pendulum test thats doing someweird behavior...

with the new LG monitor i dont see flickering in daily use and in games...

thank you :)

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