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Calling 120Hz+ Linux Users: TestUFO Works/Fail?

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Re: Calling 120Hz+ Linux Users: TestUFO Works/Fail?

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 05 Feb 2018, 12:38

RealNC wrote:Before opening the bug, this might be relevant prior knowledge:

Thank you for this pertinent information.

KDE Maintainer Martin Flöser wrote:* We lack developers with the expertise to understand the problem
* We lack developers with NVIDIA cards
* The last patch we did for NVIDIA specific issue caused severe issues which required an emergency release
* We have no chance to properly understand what's going on due to NVIDIA driver being proprietary
* If the NVIDIA driver as thee only driver needs such workarounds, NVIDIA should fix their drivers or contribute patches

If the problem is blocked by NVIDIA, the $1000 opensource bounty may not help.

But at least I have until January 2019 to see if any movement can occur with some incentives.

(1) an offer of a free NVIDIA GeForce series card (probably a midrange 900 series);
(2) an offer of a free "Better Than 60Hz" monitor to the same developer;
(3) an offer to teach developers how to understand motion fluidity. Blur Busters TestUFO and Blur Busters articles have educated many over the years.

To other visiting software developers: If any open source developer working on Chrome (, KDE, and other pieces of puzzle, is interested, inquire within --

It can't be in code freeze all of 2018, after all.
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