Stutter warnings

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Stutter warnings

Post by elric » 20 Dec 2019, 01:27


I never managed to get a clean test on , always got "STUTTER WARNING:
Browser stutter detected (1+). Close other apps and tabs."

No others tabs, tried with Chrome and Firefox.. What could be the issue?


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Re: Stutter warnings

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 02 Jan 2020, 02:19

Usually it's a browser quirk or power management quirk.

Try Balanced Mode or High Performance Mode.

Can you post a screenshot of -- It's usually a browser frametime spike every second, caused by internal TestUFO processing that normally should take under a millisecond but sometimes takes several milliseconds.

Also try screenshotting to see TestUFO frametimes .... If you see frametimes suddenly udulate up and down, that's the power management switching behaviour. Spin your mouse arrow on top of the animated TestUFO area (completely within the animation time graph) and it may sometimes stay low frametime and it goes green.

If this is what is happening to you, we may have a fix for this later in 2020. But to help us debug, please PM, email or post screenshots of both graphs.
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