TestUFO Suggestions Including Aliasing-Visibility Test

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valeriy l14
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TestUFO Suggestions Including Aliasing-Visibility Test

Post by valeriy l14 » 31 Mar 2021, 07:19

Listen to mark, why don't you extend the aliasing visibility test by adding the following tests there

1.Siemens star with the ability to adjust the diameter of the circle, the number of lines, the ability to make it spin clockwise or vice versa (with the ability to adjust the speed in pixels)

2.test with a checkerboard road (as in the screenshot) where the camera moves forward or in a different direction)

3. a line with a thickness of 1 pixel (or it is better to make it possible to adjust the thickness of the line with an accuracy from say 10 cm to 1 micron if possible) which moves clockwise.

4.test with words or objects that are constantly decreasing (dynamically changing the size of fonts) as in this video (17: 45-17: 59)

https://reobzor.ru/wp-content/uploads/2 ... 1739208.jp
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrbpKHL ... l=HDTVTest

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