Sony 2022 QD OLED and

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Sony 2022 QD OLED and

Post by stl8k » 04 Jan 2022, 22:39

Hey Chief and Others,

What kind of signal are you able to discern from what you see here?

Note: Sony is shipping TVs with this QD OLED tech from Samsung Display.

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Re: Sony 2022 QD OLED and

Post by jorimt » 04 Jan 2022, 23:07

stl8k wrote:
04 Jan 2022, 22:39
What kind of signal are you able to discern from what you see here?
I saw that video earlier today; it looks like the next potential step in OLED tech. My bet is as it matures and becomes more affordable to manufacture, LG will gradually phase WOLED out for similar.

There's no reason (beyond any initial cost jump) to not switch to a method that inherently increases efficiency, brightness, color gamut, and color purity. It's a no-brainer iteration, and in many ways, it is required to move the tech forward.

One thing's for sure though; it's probably going to be more expensive than equivalent WOLED models, to start. That, and nothing is yet guaranteed on whether it's significantly better from a long term IR or permanent burn-in standpoint, let alone if it makes any advancements in preventing VRR flicker specific to current-gen OLED due to gamma tuning limitations.

Time will tell.
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