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SYNC Failure:unable to sync

Posted: 12 Jan 2023, 21:22
by Wongzhe
when I set my computer to DGPU mode,I found my computer can't keep 120HZ, added here the graph as i seen you guys requested before, i dont use any kind of rgb programs at all.please help

Re: SYNC Failure:unable to sync

Posted: 13 Jan 2023, 00:05
by Chief Blur Buster
Correct interpretation: "Too much stuff in the computer is interfering with perfect 120fps capability on this 120Hz system"

Web browsers are unusually sensitive to background software, so they are an excellent canary in the coal mine for this.

If you're getting that many variances at 120Hz, try rebooting your computer in Safe Mode (no system tray software) and see if it flattens out.

- Disable all browser extensions
- Reduce the number of startup applications
- Reduce the number of system tray applications
- Have fewer processes in "Task Manager"
- Keep computer plugged in (if gaming laptop)
- Disable power management (High Performance Mode), undo battery-extender optimzations.

If a gaming laptop (I have a Razer Blade in my portfolio, so I know this conundrum), then aggressively keep your Performance profile separate from your Balanced/Battery Saver profile. Tweaks for one is often incompatible with the other.

You may want to try a Windows reinstall, but you may need to play some games with Task Manager to sleuth your CPU hog out.