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HOWTO: Embed TestUFO animations in your posts!

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2014, 15:14
by Chief Blur Buster
HOWTO: Insert TestUFO Animations in Blur Busters Forum Posts

Dustmuffins wrote:Do you have a list of the available embedded animations and how to use them?

Converting TestUFO links to [testufo] embeds can feel a bit tricky, but it is easy if you can interpret web addresses.
All TestUFO tests are currently embeddable, with the sole exception of Flicker (because it's the most epiletpically risky test).

Easy: Default TestUFO Animations

Go to and select your preferred test at the upper-right corner. Once you've got the test you want, the test name will be shown in "Share This Test!" right after the last slash "/". For example means the test name is "blackframes". You can now embed as:
Code: Select all
[testufo height=240]blackframes[/testufo]

You will need to experiment with the 'height' parameter, to make sure it fits the test correctly. Right now, automatic-fit is not currently supported (yet).

Advanced: Custom Configured TestUFO Animations

To embed any custom configured test:
1. Go to your favourite TestUFO test at
2. Change the parameters.
3. Scroll to the bottom and view the "Share This Test!" link
4. The test name is the name right after the last "/" and before "#"
5. The parameters can be used, when converting all '&' and '#' (ampesand/hash) into ',' (comma) and '=' (equal) into ' ' (space).

Can embedded as:
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[testufo height=288]framerates,count 3,pps 960[/testufo]

Which results in the animation at the top.

Hope this helps teach you how to embed TestUFO animations in Blur Busters Forums!

Guidelines / Etiquette

1. It is preferable if you can make this mention, too:
"Note: These TestUFO animations work best in a stutter-free browser (such as Chrome) in Windows Aero mode, on the primary monitor. See to verify your browser requirements for TestUFO animations."

2. Limit the number of animations per page, due to performance reasons.
-- For example, tests begin to stutter if you have too many tests on one page.
-- Animations targeted to be viewed by other 120Hz users (e.g. 120hz users wondering whether or not they want to upgrade to GSYNC) will usually be more successful because they are usually using reasonably powerful systems with a dedicated GPU. Such systems will view multiple animations on the same page successfully. For such users, 2 or 3 simultaneous animations can be okay.
-- Animations targeted to be viewed by non-gaming users, mobile users, and low-end 60Hz users, will more likely stutter (and interfere with the animations' own ability to educate), so try to keep to just 1 animation.
-- Be noted, some older browsers will stutter with more than 1 simultaneous animation, especially in mobile browsers.
-- Internet Explorer 10 and 11 is unable to animate at 120Hz.
-- In the future, TestUFO animations will add a Play/Pause button so you can embed multiple animations more easily without performance problems.

Re: HOWTO: Embed TestUFO animations in your posts!

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2014, 08:41
by RealNC
This should be a sticky.

Re: HOWTO: Embed TestUFO animations in your posts!

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2014, 12:26
by Chief Blur Buster
RealNC wrote:This should be a sticky.

Done :-)