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TestUFO: Judder demo?

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TestUFO: Judder demo?

Postby Glide » 29 Feb 2016, 07:58

I was wondering if it might be possible to add a judder demo to TestUFO.
It would be a modification of the black frame insertion test to replicate something like this image:

(this only seems to work in some browsers for me, I had difficulty setting the correct framerate and some browsers drop frames)

So the test would have a black background and just show a white ball moving back and forth, instead of wrap-around scrolling like the BFI test does.
The test would only show two images: the image without BFI and the image with maximum BFI. (one image frame, plus as many black frames as required to match the framerate on top)

Instead of picking how many UFOs you want to display, the test would have you pick any framerate which is a divisor of the refresh rate - including very low framerates. (that was supposed to be 10 FPS)

I think this serves as a pretty good demo of how BFI not only improves motion clarity, but also helps remove judder from low framerates.
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Re: TestUFO: Judder demo?

Postby spacediver » 02 Mar 2016, 00:43

I'll pass along the suggestion :)
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Re: TestUFO: Judder demo?

Postby Glide » 02 Mar 2016, 02:12

Thank you.

It's one of the aspects of low-persistence displays that is difficult to demonstrate, so hopefully it's not too much work to implement.
A lot of people seem to think that low-persistence is only about motion blur, when it can also make a big difference to motion smoothness as well.
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