Crazy Thread: All TestUFO Tests Embedded

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Crazy Thread: All TestUFO Tests Embedded

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 22 Jan 2017, 14:19

Crazy thread with most TestUFO motion tests embedded within!
TestUFO supports <EMBED> HTML syntax as well as the use of custom [/testufo] forum tags.

EDIT 2017: New TestUFO tests were added to but not this thread

This thread will probably malfunction or stutter badly on many computers (and phones/tablets) except fast computers with the latest GPUs, and a supported web browser. TestUFO is designed to run smoothly with 1 animation at a time, but some computers with the latest GPUs can run all of them simultaneously :D

Click on the animations to go to the full-screen TestUFO test.
You can "Share" the test by copy and pasting the URL, or via the Facebook/Twitter buttons at the bottom.

Multiple Framerates

Compare Frame Rates: Marquee

Black Frame Insertion

Eye Tracking




Blur Trail

Moving Photo

Chase Squares

Motion Picture Response Time (MPRT)

Inversion Artifacts

Aliasing Visibility

Frame Skipping
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Re: Crazy Thread: All TestUFO Tests Embedded

Post by lexlazootin » 22 Jan 2017, 19:48

This is actually pretty dope! Your tests are going to be everywhere now, taking over the world.

Good job.

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