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Monitor Flickering After Running Through BlurBuster Tests

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Monitor Flickering After Running Through BlurBuster Tests

Postby DelBoyJamie » 27 Jun 2017, 18:53

I was looking through the tests and went through all of them including some that asked me to do it in full screen, I was taking a couple photo's looking at how my monitor is AOC 2577PWQ 1440P IPS anyway after coming of these I'm now noticing my wallpaper on my desktop is slightly flickering, at first I thought it was my eyes after looking at the flickering tests, but my other 4K monitor is fine. I turned off the monitor at the wall and have reset the thing and its been 30minutes and I'm still noticing it....

I'm hoping its just some slight burn in flickering and will go after a night off, but man, it got me worried a bit. I didn't see any warnings on the tests only one about giving epileptics a warning.. but yeah, will it be ok and I 've nothing to worry about. Cheers
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Re: Monitor Flickering After Running Through BlurBuster Test

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 28 Jun 2017, 10:28

Fortunately this is temporary -- play a high-action video in a loop to clear it up in minutes.

While this rarely happens (And caused from only specific TestUFO patterns), it happens to certain monitors because certain TestUFO patterns rotate in sync with the LCD inversion cycle. On your monitor, one of the Lagom Pixel-Walk boxes will probably flicker, and Techmind has a neat little explanation about how LCD inversion works (alternating negative/positive voltages).

If you run a very specific TestUFO test (e.g. Flicker, or MPRT) for an extremely long period. Some patterns (e.g. TestUFO Flicker) warn about "image retention" on certain monitors -- that is the flicker you're seeing. Several patterns intentionally insert an occasional offset frame to reduce the odds of this happening, but some displays are so sensitive to temporary inversion misbalances.

Regardless, this is temporary and will disappear quickly (15-20 min) if you play a loop of full screen video.
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Re: Monitor Flickering After Running Through BlurBuster Test

Postby RealNC » 28 Jun 2017, 13:11

Playing this in full-screen should fix this quickly (less than 20 minutes):
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