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Overdrive help please!

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Re: Overdrive help please!

Postby kieran1203 » 13 Aug 2017, 12:38

RealNC wrote:
kieran1203 wrote:However I would like a monitor with some of the added features, I've read in a few places people don't find AOC to be on the same level as ASUS and BenQ, even when I do one of these tests it says the monitor is stuttering (it goes green but for brief periods of time) and thats with everything closed,- - I've read many people say it skips a few frames, on the test it is going down from 144 by a couple and back up.. so it seems to do the same for me!

This has nothing to do with the monitor. The warning messages are about the browser, not the monitor.

I also struggle in CSGO with the shadows no matter what I do the dark areas are so dark unless I have digital vibrance and brightness all the way up and destroy my eyes in seconds.., and I've read the BenQ monitors don't have issues like that and have their own feature for shadows! (I'll literally be unable to make out opponents in these areas which I know my friends don't have issues with they think I'm just potato'ing my aim but really I can't see the enemy lol!)

Choose a different gamma profile for CS:GO. It should be somewhere in the monitor OSD. I think it has three profiles.

But yeah, even AOC monitors that do have "shadow boost", that function is implemented in a way that can only be described as laughable, at best :-P

But you can still use a different gamma profile in the monitor's OSD, and also change the gamma/brightness slider in CS:GO's options.

So I would like to try picking one up as I do nothing but CSGO really, even with this monitor on overdrive at strong I can see a difference just walking forward in the game everything is less blurry when moving (this isn't when I'm moving my mouse) just moving forward all the stationary objects are clearer, but as discussed above already about the corona's and whatnot I just feel ASUS or BenQ would be better, I certainly don't see anyone choosing AOC over these brands!

If you're on NVidia, I'd recommend a g-sync monitor. They have the best overdrive implementation (it's implemented by nvidia, not the monitor vendor.)

Yup been through the gamma profiles on the lightest one, also on digital vibrance 100, and monitor brightness 40, csgo on 1.6 brightness so yeah, I've tried my best with the shadows, I thought I was weird being on a low brightness (well being able to tolerate it), but sounds like all these monitors can be crazy bright, not sure about if my wallet can handle a G-sync monitor haha,, guess I'll watch some monitors get one if one pops up cheap,
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Re: Overdrive help please!

Postby Falkentyne » 13 Aug 2017, 16:40

Overdrive would reduce input lag by an unperceivable amount at higher refresh rates. It's pixel response times and streaking that benefit. At 60hz refresh rate, there may be a noticeable delay if you turn overdrive completely off, but this also depends on the monitor.
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