Permission to Use TestUFO in Media / Embedding

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Permission to Use TestUFO in Media / Embedding

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 16 Mar 2019, 18:04

TestUFO Crediting Guidelines

While TestUFO patterns are (C) Copyright Blur Busters, linking, photographing and using TestUFO is free for anyone to use with only credit asked. This guidlines is updated March 2019. Guidelines subject to change.

  • Use the Share button in TestUFO to generate the link! Share anytime you want to social media.
  • For web pages, include either "Blur Busters" or "Test UFO" as credit.
    The credit may be part of the link (e.g. "Blur Busters TestUFO"), or part of a references section of the same page, or in a subheading underneath the appropriate web section. If you're feeling generous, please link both and/or as thanks!
  • For offline documents, research papers, internal literature, and PowerPoint presentations; please credit Blur Busters and Mark Rejhon (me, creator). Good credit could be "Credit: Test UFO motion test created by Mark Rejhon of Blur Busters" or some similar credit citation.
  • For research papers, please consider inviting me (Mark Rejhon [email protected]) as a co-author of the research paper that uses TestUFO for analysis. I'm seeking research papers to co-author.
  • For online videos, please add a link to TestUFO in the description section of the online video. If you don't show link, please verbally mention both "Test UFO" and "Blur Busters" such as "Test UFO Motion Tests by Blur Busters" or display the top browser bar (seen in non-fullscreen As long as Test UFO and Blur Busters branding is visible (in the video or in the video description), permission is granted. Reasonable snippets of video recording allowed for context of an explanation. TestUFO is popular by many YouTube stars for explaining display behaviours.
  • Embed of any size is permitted as long as its default click behaviour is untouched. You must let users click the embed, just like users can click a YouTube embed!
  • If you're a display reviewer that uses pursuit camera at please contact us to be added to Reviewers Using Pursuit Camera for a generous link to your website or YouTube channel!
  • We welcome display manufacturer too!
    (Please send us an email,
  • Never record TestUFO into a video file or screen capture video without permission.
    (Please send us an email,
  • Questions? Email [email protected]!
How to Embed TestUFO On Your Website

You want to also embed too, not just link? Great!

TestUFO may be used <EMBED> in any webpage via adding "&embed=1" or "?embed=1" to any TestUFO URL. ("?embed=1" avoids a flicker but needs to be added before the # in a URL)
Example: <iframe src="">

Embed permission is granted as long as you respect the interactiveness & clickability of the embed (Depending on the animation, this makes buttons automatically appear, some of which launches a page on Blur Busters and/or TestUFO). Just like a YouTube embed, TestUFO is now embeddable. Otherwise, embed permission is revoked, if interaction is blocked.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="300">

TestUFO is Copyright (C) Blur Busters (designed by Founder Mark Rejhon). Strictly no copying of TestUFO HTML is allowed. Only linking or embedding is allowed. For purchasing custom-made TestUFO motion tests, contact [email protected] to inquire within.

Favourite Animations
Customize your TestUFO Test To Share!

You can customize a TestUFO animation with the selectors on the page, and then copy and paste the URL. The link to the custom-configured TestUFO animation may be successfully shared and/or embedded. Here are examples of multiple links that customizes the same test:
Just select any TestUFO test using the top selector, configure the parameters of the test at the top of the screen, then use the Share button the bottom to get the custom link to your custom TestUFO test!

Questions? Email [email protected]!

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