How do these tests work?

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How do these tests work?

Post by lasertown » 24 Oct 2019, 14:49

Is the source code for these tests available anywhere? I have two monitors with different refresh rates (one is 144hz, the other is 60hz) and requestAnimationFrame in chrome runs according to the 144hz rate, even when I pull the browser window to the 60hz monitor. Yet the UFO tests correctly show 60 fps on my 60hz monitor, and 144 fps for my 144hz monitor. How do these tests detect the monitor's refresh rate, if not by requestAnimationFrame?

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Re: How do these tests work?

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 28 Oct 2019, 22:21

lasertown wrote:Is the source code for these tests available anywhere?

Source code to TestUFO is proprietary and my copyright.

However, custom motion test creation services are available by contacting me at Blur Busters for licensing and consulting services.

While requestAnimationFrame is definitely one datasource used, I use way more than just that to detect refresh rate.

There are currently unfixable problems with multimonitor systems though. A combined limitation by the OS + the web browser.
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