BenQ XL2411P can't measure refresh rate at 144hz

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BenQ XL2411P can't measure refresh rate at 144hz

Post by PlayTekken » 20 Apr 2020, 09:43

I bought an XL2411P so that I could use blur reduction mode anywhere from 60hz to 144hz, and am trying to get low-lag VSYNC to work. I'm having trouble using the refresh rate test at, though. When I go to display properties and set my monitor to 144hz, the refresh reate test fails and tells me VSYNC can't start. If I set it to 120hz it works fine. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks in advance!

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Re: BenQ XL2411P can't measure refresh rate at 144hz

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 29 Apr 2020, 04:35

This is a browser issue, not a monitor issue.

Try unplugging your 60Hz monitors. Multimonitor will give you refresh rate interference.

Try switching between FireFox and Chrome.

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