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Disappointed in my new monitor

Posted: 27 Dec 2020, 04:44
by aykans90
I had a BENQ XL2411 TN panel 144hz monitor over 5 years, and I loved that monitor. It was my first 60 to 144hz experience, and seeing how smooth it is would make me very happy. I would go to testufo often just to look at how smooth it ran compared to my previous 60hz monitor. The top UFO was so clear while moving.

Then, recently, I bought this new ViewSonic VX3258-2KPC-MHD monitor that advertised itself as a "1ms 144hz 1440p curved monitor". And now when I do the UFO test with this new monitor, I instantly realised the UFO at the top is much more blurrier than what I previously had.

I mean, I like the new monitor. It is 32 inch compared to my old 24 inch, it is 1440p compared to my 1080p, and it is curved unlike my previous one. But the UFO thing is really a downer. The only reason I bought a new monitor is because my new graphics card doesn't have a DVI port and the old BENQ monitor only gives 144hz through a DVI connection, and it's HDMI is limited to 60hz.

Any ideas on how can I overclock my new monitor to make the UFO less blurry?

Re: Disappointed in my new monitor

Posted: 27 Dec 2020, 10:15
by RealNC
It's a VA panel. It will have more motion blur than a TN or a fast IPS. When buying a VA panel, you sacrifice some motion sharpness for better contrast. No amount of overclocking will improve your pixel response time. In fact, it would most probably make it worse.

About the "1ms" you see advertised in monitors, that's just marketing. It's never a real-world value. It's just the result of some synthetic, specialized test case.

Re: Disappointed in my new monitor

Posted: 29 Dec 2020, 19:51
by Chief Blur Buster
For motion clarity, VA panels have issues.

If you are looking for much bigger than 27", then a possible good option is the 48 inch LG CX OLED with BFI mode. It does require about ~1 meter view distance when such a television is used as a desktop monitor, but it's a good way to get a large high-Hz screen.

Re: Disappointed in my new monitor

Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 16:22
by Chief Blur Buster
aykans90 wrote:
27 Dec 2020, 04:44
Any ideas on how can I overclock my new monitor to make the UFO less blurry?
Also, a useful FAQ:

Pixel Response FAQ: GtG Versus MPRT

The problem is that there are two pixel response benchmarks and only one of the two may be fast.

For less ghosting during sample-and-hold, you need GtG to be fast, not MPRT.

The number ViewSonic quoted was 1ms MPRT (the PureXP feature), but VA still has >5ms GtG (>20ms realworld for many colors). This is unfixable, much like those old 50ms LCDs, as GtG can overlap multiple refresh cycles, so overclocking DOES NOT help GtG.

If you want low-ghosting low-blur, buy a modern "1ms GtG" 240Hz panel. You have half as much motion blur as a BenQ XL2411.

Alternatively, Blur Busters now certifies strobe backlights much like NVIDIA certifies GSYNC, and AMD certifies FreeSync. If you're very picky about strobed motion clarity, you could wait for one of the upcoming Blur Busters Approved monitors. As of January 1st, 2021, I now have commitments from 3 vendors to submit several monitors for the Blur Busters Approved programmed by the end of 2021. One 24-25" class IPS monitor is already sitting on my desk that is now superior to a BenQ XL2411 in motion clarity, in both strobed and non-strobed mode. It even supports 60 Hz single-strobe mode too.