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XL2411P - Is my Display Faulty? [Answer: No]

Posted: 06 Jan 2021, 10:04
by LiniArc
Hello Everyone,

I hope y'all are doing fine in 2021. The reason that I write this post is that I bought a new monitor XL2411P from BenQ, 144Hz and 1ms. I tested the monitor on this website for any visible ghosting or artifacts. Right out of the box I notice a horizontal line separating the UFO in half. Top portion travelling a bit ahead. It starts to do that after some time, initially being stable. Same happens with the Moving Image Test. This happens in Chrome. I even reduced Chrome zoom from 150% to 100%.

The results I get in firefox, are normal though. And same when I play Rainbow Six Siege (everything is normal). But I want to make sure if the monitor is faulty. Because right now it could be replaced. I dont want to risk it in the future.

Please help me identify if the monitor is defective or I am doing some mistake.


Re: XL2411P - Is my Display Faulty? [Answer: No]

Posted: 28 Jan 2021, 02:56
by Chief Blur Buster
If it is not happening in FireFox, this is just a browser glitch. I would not worry about it.

Be noted that TestUFO can be affected by browser issues. Especially if you've configured VSYNC OFF globally in NVIDIA Control Panel, then TestUFO can get tearing artifacts in certain browsers in full screen mode.