Samsung LE46B650T shows only 30Hz on ufotest

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Samsung LE46B650T shows only 30Hz on ufotest

Post by starekss » 15 Jan 2021, 18:49

So I have connected my TV Samsung LE46B650T 100Hz to my PC through HDMI. My main monitor is Phillips 272G5DY, 144Hz connected through display port. I duplicated the picture, as this is my main goal, to freely switch between working on PC, and playing on TV. My main monitor shows 144Hz when I run Ufotest, picture is duplicated so same is being shown on TV screen. However, when I wanted to check how much ufotest will show only with TV displaying picture, Ufotest shows 30Hz ! I don't know what to do, Nvidia Control Panel Shows 60Hz, in Advanced display settings I see that TV is set to 60Hz. In settings everything looks fine, but ufotest shows only 30Hz. Is it because I'm running display port and hdmi at the same time ? TV have only HDMI port, however, this is 100Hz TV, so even if it doesn't support 100Hz input, it should support 60Hz as other TVs ? I will be glad for any help.

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Re: Samsung LE46B650T shows only 30Hz on ufotest

Post by Chief Blur Buster » 15 Jan 2021, 22:37

Moved thread to TestUFO forum.

Please verify that your problem is not a GPU problem or browser problem.

Yes, multimonitor can also cause this type of low-Hz problem.

See TestUFO "Stuck at 60Hz" FAQ & Solutions -- many of those are applicable to you.
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