Windows scaling every game that I play

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Windows scaling every game that I play

Post by Milan » 25 May 2024, 05:47


I have a problem where the games keep scaling for some reason and I don't understand why. The resolution of the monitor and the resolution in the games are the same. So in theory it shouldn't be scaling, right? But every time I change adjust desktop size and position in NVCP the games are feels much different, so I think it's scaling. For example: if I'm use gpu scaling games are slower but if I'm use display scaling games feels faster. I can't write it more accurate, just feels like something is not okay. The reason I asked it because I have a couple of ideas what can cause it:

-High-dpi override (I have a dell g2723H 27" 1920x1080) I know its not a high dpi monitor, but I got this idea from nvidia support.

-Disable fullscreen optimization

-Windows size is on default 100%. But once I tried custom size 100% and then games were again feels different.

-Windows game mode

I know I have to try it myself and I will know, but I don't know how games should look if they don't scale and there's too many option that I have to try. Does anyone have any another idea what could be causing this? Most of the time I play rocket league, so that's why I can see it if the game is weird.

Thank you!

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