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Imperfect sync when running dual monitors normal?

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Imperfect sync when running dual monitors normal?

Postby kimtieuphuong » 20 Oct 2018, 11:14


First of all, please excuse me if this is a stupid question, I am still very new to the land of 144Hz and also dual monitors.

A few weeks back I purchased a BenQ XL2430T and have been running it in 144Hz. I never questioned the refresh rate this monitor was running before I tried to do the UFO test earlier today. When I try and run the frame rate test, no matter which browser I use and regardless of how many other tabs I have running, the test always gives me imperfect sync.

When I first noticed this message I was a bit apprehensive that my monitor wasn't working correctly so decided to have a search through the forums. I found a thread which seemed to have the same problem as me and the op self diagnosed the problem as being relating to testing whilst running two monitors.

I then disabled my second monitor and ran the test again. This time everything came back as expected, sync completed and correctly showing as 144Hz. Is this an expected outcome? Should I only receive accurate test results when running a single monitor setup or is this a sign of another problem such as bad configuration or incorrect cable etc?

Any information is much appreciated,

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