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Replacement of my old BenQ xl2411

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Replacement of my old BenQ xl2411

Postby Jorrdee » 27 Jun 2019, 18:36

Hello guys,
I've been looking here for some advices to replace my BenQ xl2411.
I'm looking for a 240hz with a low response time to be comfortable with playing fortnite scrims. I'm playing it on custom resolution, 1656*1080 stretched. I don't really care for the graphics or colors.
I saw the LG 27GK750F that is cheap in my country, and has built in crosshair which is really nice because fortnite crosshair sucks.
But I'm wondering what do you guys think of this monitor, and will it be ok for my use?
I'm so hurried to have again the same feeling when I switched from 60 to 144hz
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Re: Replacement of my old BenQ xl2411

Postby Kaksou » 12 Jul 2019, 12:59

Similar situation, want to replace almost same display ( xl2411z to be precise ) to something with high refresh rate but cannot decide

from what I have gathered from this forum is,

Dell Alienware AW2518HF - is one of the competitor to be cheap and very good monitor but it does not have backlight strobing - some dude made a vid on youtube telling that it is very responsive has great colors and good motion blur reduction as for non strobed monitor. I did not have it, did not run any test of this monitor so I have absolutly no clue if this is correct or not,

Also there is an ongoin battle for Asus XG258Q vs XG248Q But truth be told im absolutly confused by opinions and simply cannot decide on this.

For me what is most important is: very responsive monitor ( least input lag posible ) and with motion blur technology that does not darken the image like my Benq xl2411z does - it is simply too dark for me,
also the proper color representation on screen could be a very nice plus to it as to be not as washed as on Benq model.

If there is some one experienced enaugh - had tested those monitors, you are very welcome to leave your input here and help us decide on a monitor.
Thank you for your time thanks.
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Re: Replacement of my old BenQ xl2411

Postby Notty_PT » 12 Jul 2019, 13:29

Benq XL2546 has the best strobing tech yoi can get. Asus XG248Q also strobes at 240hz bht the image get noticeably darker and input lag with strobing is higher than Benq. Lower without strobing and 0 overdrive problems, unlike Benq or any other 24,5 240hz panel. As you like strobing I guess Benq xl2546 is your best buy.
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Re: Replacement of my old BenQ xl2411

Postby Kaksou » 13 Jul 2019, 04:29

Thanks Notty! for your input.

1 -on the side note does motion blur technology adds input lag to a monitor? for the last couple of days I'm testing various configurations on my existing xl2411z and when I turn on the blur reducion on the image is indeed clearer but someting feels off and I dont know what it is, one posibbility is that my eyes cannot adjust to such short "test" ( 10 minutes with blur reducion on 10 min with off ) ? - A quick google told me that it does but I want to somewhat confirm this with others

If the answer for the first question was yes here is second: does DyAc on Benq XL2546 add any sort of input lag?
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