Benq ex2510 vs MSI mag251rx

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Benq ex2510 vs MSI mag251rx

Post by Gyrgy » 21 Nov 2020, 13:10

Hello everyone!

I started looking for new monitors to replace my oldish MSI G24C there is nothing wrong with it but I think it's time to ditch the curve.
I narrowed down my search to 3 options
Benq ex2510 144hz £220
MSI mag251rx 240hz £320
Asus vg249q 144hz £210
Mainly curious if the extra £100 would be worthwhile over the benq as I would like to keep it as cost efficient as possible. For now I mostly play valorant with occasional rocket league and apex. Thanks 👍

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Re: Benq ex2510 vs MSI mag251rx

Post by TTT » Yesterday, 09:41

I'd say unless you are really trying to budget, its worth stretching to a new IPS 240hz.

The XB253QGXbmiiprzx is £330 on Amazon, I've used it for a few days now. I don't know what the MSI is like but I recommend this.

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