So , dlss 3.0 is already essentially a frame interpolator ?

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valeriy l14
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So , dlss 3.0 is already essentially a frame interpolator ?

Post by valeriy l14 » 22 Sep 2022, 08:33

Look, when Ngreedia introduced dlss 3.0, I, as an ardent hater of any upscale methods, began to criticize it BUT! I noticed on the Nvidia Foundry Eurogamer site that the guys were talking about optical flow technology.

And then I opened the Internet, read a little and came to the conclusion that this is essentially frame interpolation that is used in TVs (although the input lag is terribly increased there, and here tensor cores + reflex are used to reduce the input lag)

There are two questions.
1. This is the moment when 120 frames per second in PC games becomes the same standard as 60 in the early 2000s for any game.
2. How AMD will react to this (you know, unlike Nvidia, they don't make proprietary technologies) :?:

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Re: So , dlss 3.0 is already essentially a frame interpolator ?

Post by Kyouki » 22 Sep 2022, 08:48

Felt the same way though this video gave me a bit more insight and the rest we gotta wait on more information on or see it in action.

Maybe Chief can chime in some more info, he did tweet: ... 1262022656

Exciting how it would result, still found it a bit of a giant gimmick like RTX/RayTracing for me and rather have more ways to show a better image in motion.
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