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Benq XL2430T firmware update

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Re: Benq XL2430T firmware update

Postby Falkentyne » 08 Feb 2017, 16:23

Please note I have not tested flashing anything except a XL2720Z, and while I do own both the Mstar ISP device and the RT809F device, I do NOT have an XL2430T, XL2730Z, XL2735 or XL2540 so I can't offer direct help with anything unless other users have already used and tested things.

Note: Zowie XL2430T is identical to Benq XL2430T in everything but branding. Firmwares are compatible.
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Re: Benq XL2430T firmware update

Postby lugs » 18 Apr 2017, 23:56

I just upgraded the firmware on my 2430T and it worked just fine with your instrucions.
I had to change
Code: Select all
#svn co svn:// flashrom
svn co flashrom

and the command
Code: Select all
sudo ./flashrom -p mstarddc_spi:dev=/dev/i2c-3:49

Code: Select all
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Info: Will try to use device /dev/i2c-3 and address 0x49.
Info: WILL reset the device at the end.
Found AMIC flash chip "A25L016" (2048 kB, SPI) on mstarddc_spi.

So I had to change the backup and patch command to:
Code: Select all
sudo ./flashrom -p mstarddc_spi:dev=/dev/i2c-3:49 -c "A25L016" -r backup.bin
# write firmware
sudo ./flashrom -p mstarddc_spi:dev=/dev/i2c-3:49 -c "A25L016" -w firmware.bin

Thought I would post it in case someone runs into the same problems.

PS.: Don't forget to have your monitor turned off.
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Re: Benq XL2430T firmware update

Postby Falkentyne » 19 Apr 2017, 09:56

So this monitor uses an AMIC chip instead of Macronix. Does anyone know if this goes for other models or the Zowie rebrands? I thought someone with an XL2720Z had an AMIC chip too?
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Re: Benq XL2430T firmware update

Postby Yellow- » 30 Apr 2017, 20:28

nhn wrote:
zekkj7 wrote:nhn how u update ur firmware? i want update mine

with falkentyne's tutorial, ... &start=200 (you have to scroll down a bit to the long post)
he even has an online drive for the newer firmwares ... vrhbxDkLUE

just read through this thread

I just wanted to be in the safe side and ask if the tutorial you are referring to is the one posted on 28 Apr 2015, 19:51, starting with:

"Glad it worked.
Bricking is usually recoverable (as mentioned in the thread) by unplugging and using a different device.
Btw modern laptops are fine. Any laptop with an i5 or newer CPU (sandy bridge era or newer) and a VGA port will usually ALWAYS work.
The only problem with using the 'master' computer is the issue of sometimes the benq not being detected (showing up as an unknown device) unless you install the benq driver through WINDOWS, even though you are using a Ubuntu flash drive and are not even booting into windows. This problem doesn't happen if you boot to a modern laptop with the Benq connected through a VGA port."

I also want to update my XL2430t and wanted to ask if you just followed his instructions 1 to 1 or if you had to change some stuff since I seen a comment of his that says he hadn't actually flashed for a XL2430t.

Thanks in advance
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