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Searching for 2x Bezels VG248QE

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Searching for 2x Bezels VG248QE

Postby forcefedflesh » 29 Sep 2016, 15:43

I apologize in advance admins if this is against rules but I have been on a hunt for replacement bezels and stands with base (basically the entire monitor without the monitor its self)

I have moved into a new setup where I can no longer not have them and I appear to have thrown or someone else thrown them away.

I can't find any on hardware swap reddit, ebay, or anything.

I am mainly in need of the bezel/housing/frame more than anything since I can work around that.

If anyone has any to sell I would be glad to do it through paypal and ebay (ebay for legitness) and hope someone comes through. This has been a pain on me for the past year hunching and hurting my neck.

I appreciate any help.
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