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Samsung LE40C650 + BenQ XL2720T = stuttering

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Samsung LE40C650 + BenQ XL2720T = stuttering

Postby drbanan » 11 Oct 2016, 15:39


I own both of these beautiful things, benq capable of 120hz and tv using 60hz.
They are both connected to Gigabyte Radeon 280x + windows 7 pro x64 using dvi-i + hdmi.

Problem is that i get stutter on both screens whenever there is something running on second (tv 60hz) screen - for example twitch stream. Benq gets something around 30-60hz while stream is playing. Stream even happen to lag for 0.5s. While stream(browser) is on main screen it gets no frame drops at all, and everything runs smooth, whether it is firefox or chrome.

Tried switching PCI-E slot, putting another 280x, using different pc (with win7), changing drivers to 2014 and 2015 ones, using both browser windows not full screen - same thing persists. Tried even connecting second monitor using DVI (to have both on DVI link). Same stuff.

Turning off aero helps on overall smoothness while moving mouse on browser tabs and so on, but not while scrolling page/moving window around. Overall lag persists.
Turning off hardware acceleration in chrome also helps a little with a little higher fps count, but huge lag still persists.

Any known solutions for this? Want to use my perfect, smooth 120hz babe... :(
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