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Lg 24GM77 Vs Benq Xl2411Z strobe light and image quality

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Lg 24GM77 Vs Benq Xl2411Z strobe light and image quality

Postby leonman45 » 29 Oct 2016, 11:02

Hello guys , i have an Samsung S24D590L (seemed overclocable at 75hz with no frameskipping in test , but in games it causes stuttering in some situasions) , so i decided to buy 1 more monitor for my gaming purpose and have this lps panel to watch movies or whatever else. I was about to buy the asus VG248QE but it has PWM , flickering and image seemed too dark , using lightboost gets darker even if it seems to have better colours than benq.

I can find the Benq for 305euros and Lg for 343euros , is it worth the extra euros? Lg colours reviews seems better than both benq and asus while it has a build in strobe light (i think they call it 240) . Will it be better than benq when both monitors are using strobe light?

I saw this video , Omg why Benq colours so bad? I mean ok its for gaming , not asking for the best colours but that is unexceptable!!!
What about the variety of settings and screen dimm in both screens after enabling strobe light?

(My system is powerful enough to run every last game 120hz/120fps)

Help me guys , so i can make the right decision
Thank you!
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