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[lexlazootin!] Help bring 120Hz+ Monitors List up to date!

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[l3xlazootin!]: Help bring 120Hz+ Monitors List up to d

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 01 Dec 2016, 22:46

Post #86 of this thread is the winner!
(6th post on 8th page of this thread, during default 10-post-per-page view):

lexlazootin wrote:Model: Acer XF270HU Abmiidprzx
27" 1440p IPS 144hz FreeSync


* declares Post #86 of this thread as candidate winner.
A Skill Testing question is in progress (silly technicality) but the Legal Beagles require it in some countries.
You will be getting a PM/email shortly. Keep an eye.

Don't worry -- for those who missed the opportunity -- In 2017, we'll be giving away more "Better Than 60Hz" monitors (still overflowing with a few monitors), so definintely stick around in these forums! This was the third-ever Blur Busters monitor giveaway -- and we'll be giving away a variable refresh rate monitor too (e.g. GSYNC) in our fourth giveaway during 2017!

Screenshot proof of pick:
random-dot-org_01-DEC-2016.png (16.63 KiB) Viewed 394 times
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