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New Monitor Giveaway: Win a 120Hz monitor!

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New Monitor Giveaway: Win a 120Hz monitor!

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 23 Nov 2016, 13:01

We're giving away another monitor!
Check this thread out:

Help bring our 120Hz Monitor List Back Up To Date

Over the last many months, several pages on the Blur Busters main website has fallen out of date (full time job & studies elsewhere!) -- So now I'm addressing the out-of-date pages. One of the out-of-date pages is this List of 120Hz Monitors .... So let's make this fun -- help bring this list back up to date in a wildcat Black Friday contest!

Win a ASUS VG278H 120Hz Monitor

In the past, Blur Busters has done two monitor giveaways (GSYNC giveaway and XL2411T giveaway). Blur Busters is giving away another monitor again! We have a ASUS VG278H original (LightBoost) 120Hz monitor as a reward.

To enter:

  1. Look at the List of 120Hz Monitors

  2. Reply to this thread with a monitor missing from the list!

    --- Any new "Better Than 60Hz" desktop monitor model, currently for sale, qualifies. 120Hz, 144Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz, GSYNC, FreeSync, strobed, etc.
    --- Monitor must be available to US or Europe market, unmodified, off-the-shelf (no homebrew/custom)
    --- Add link to manufacturer's page
    --- Add link to Amazon too (if they have them)
    --- Add as much specifications as you can in one compact line (resolution, gsync?, freesync?, blur reduction/strobing?, refresh rate)
    note: please do not post links to other online stores in this specific particular thread; Amazon affiliate links helps keep this website up and running

  3. Multiple entries are allowed! One reply per hour.

    --- Please put each monitor into a separate reply!
    --- Limit 1 entry per forum member per hour (at least 60 minutes must have passed between replies) to allow all forum members an equal chance. We know some of you fast typists can post 20 monitors super quickly, so let's be fair ;)
    --- For legal simplicity, giveaway is valid in United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. (I know, I hate this restriction...)
    --- If you are randomly selected, you will first be asked a skill testing question (by PM & by email) before the monitor is awarded. (I know, silly law, but...)
    --- There are less than 80 new monitors that needs to be added.
    That means you could have a better than 1 in 80 chance of winning if you reply now!

  4. Deadline is 11:59pm GMT on Black Friday (Nov 25th, 2016)

    --- A random draw (via by December 1st indexed to list of new monitors, will determine the winner
    --- Best efforts will be made to get the ASUS VG278H monitor shipped into your hands before December 25th, 2016.

GOAL: Make this list the Internet's most complete list of "Better Than 60Hz Monitors.
(For other suggestions or offtopic replies, please post them in Forum Suggestions ... thanks!)

To enter and win,
Please Reply In This Other Thread
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