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I can't find a new monitor, everything i try is broken lol

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Re: I can't find a new monitor, everything i try is broken l

Postby Q83Ia7ta » 19 Dec 2016, 21:27

I have similar experience with BenQ XL2540. My aim is kinda off with 240hz. I was almost sure it's because of input lag. But now after my measurements It's hard to explain.
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Re: I can't find a new monitor, everything i try is broken l

Postby Comanglia » 05 Jan 2017, 11:14

Chief Blur Buster wrote:Sometimes a problem is elsewhere on the input lag chain. When playing with a dozen monitors... For example, any monitor I own can suddenly get 1 extra frame of latency if I screw up with a setting on the PC/Windows side. Something as simple as plugging in a 2nd monitor (e.g. 60Hz or 120Hz) monitor occasionally (not always) screwed around with the input lag of a primary (144Hz) monitor, to a monitor bug that disappeared when I turned off a specific setting. Occasionally it is indeed the monitor settings (I change a setting in the monitor OSD, and BAM, the 1 frame latency disappears -- like even just changing an overdrive setting only). Very monitor dependant. But often I found it was also the OS too. And sometimes I can or can't reproduce, especially on a clean Windows install & graphics driver install. Weird sheninigans that the operating system does, is quite downright annoying when it's hard to troubleshoot sometimes. And once, a little bit latency disappeared when I changed a connection (e.g. switched between video ports on the graphics card) -- does not always happen but it happened at least once. I'm not talking a millisecond, but an actual full frame of latency (e.g. 8ms). There were times I was blaming the monitor when it was actually the OS. Or vice versa. (Ugh, eh!)

Was going to say the issue sounds more like a bug with using multiple monitors / OS or maybe something as simple as Instant Input or AMA = OFF happened. I also know TONS of people who bought 120/144Hz monitors for CS and TF2 and forgot to actually setup 120/144Hz in game and were playing at 60Hz for months before they even realized.

lexlazootin wrote:>

omfg, no. the person with the ping would also have 150ms delay added to his shot, making both parties 100% even... i'm actually pretty mad at who ever made that content, It's such science BS.

This is a tad short sighted. Yes there would be 150ms added to his shot, but his shot was taken on a virtually unaware and still version of a player who needs to hit a moving target and have his shot register before the guy who has 150ms ping. That's what is implied by the peekers advantage. It is also important to note a player with 150ms ping is also at a constant disadvantage whenever someone peeks them cause the same thing applies to them but literally all the time.
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Re: I can't find a new monitor, everything i try is broken l

Postby gulul » 07 Jan 2017, 04:37

Chief Blur Buster wrote:Sometimes a problem is elsewhere on the input lag chain.

You convinced me with those words, that's why i ordered another one and after some days i find out what was the problem.

humanbench test: i found out i did the test on my xl2430 with "high performance" active, but "balanced" on my xl2540. Since i switched to a 6800k, if i don't set high performance cores keeps going off (still using w7, it doesn't happen on w10) while playing some games like cs (causing stuttering), but i didn't think this could effect my "latency test"! I found out that with high performance active, my latency decrease by 25-30ms. So yes, the xl2540 it's at least comparable to the xl2430, actually it's a little bit faster (when comparing both monitor with maxed refresh rate). That still doesn't explain why i couldn't see enemies on cs sometime, but i suspect my connection went shit just while i was trying the monitor.

My bad luck is insane i know :p
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