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BenQ XL2411Z Display problem?

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BenQ XL2411Z Display problem?

Postby Chloride12 » 23 Dec 2016, 13:08

I have a problem with the BenQ XL2411z while playing games. When I'm playing a game I might have 100+ fps and it feels like I have about 30 or less. The game in particular that I am talking about is H1Z1. I've noticed that when I have a higher fps the worse the problem is. I don't have this problem for games like CS:GO or Overwatch but when I have a video or a twitch stream running on my second monitor i feel less hz or fps in those games. I don't really know if this the problem of the monitor or my GPU.
The GPU im using now is the Asus GTX 970 4GB and I'm using the cable that comes with the benq monitor.
My second monitor is a 60hz samsung monitor.

Please send help =x
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