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ASUS PG248Q vs Acer XB241H ?

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ASUS PG248Q vs Acer XB241H ?

Postby fejerm » 25 Dec 2016, 06:10

Hey guys!
I have just bought an ASUS PG248Q monitor and during my first fast test the results were...not really good.

I used a Windows tablet PC to test and the HDMI was used.

What I first noticed was horrible color banding. (I compare it to my otehr monitor, an Acer XB240H G-Sync)
I managed to reduce banding by updating Win8.1 to 10 and also updating monitor driver+ICC profile. Most of the banding is gone, but some still remain, still much more than I can see on an Acer XB240H.
I can also see some pixelation at darker colors, like the intro for the new Warcraft movie (fog effect under the logo), when the logo is displayed. No banding and no pixelation on an Acer XB240H (which is using a GTX 1080), however I can see pixelation and some banding (even after installing ICC profile and monitor driver) on the ASUS PG248Q (using Intel iGPU in a $80 Windows Tablet).

Is the ASUS monitor really worse considering pixelation and banding compared to an old Acer xb240h OR it is just the Intel VGA in a tablet which is not handing it perfectly ( I have it set for full color output)? I can not test this new Asus monitor with a new NVidia VGA yet (only after a few weeks) and need to decide in 2 days whether to take it back or not.

Should I take it back? If yes, should I get an Acer XB241H monitor ? Does this newer Acer has as good quality regarding banding and pixelation as the XB240H and it is better than the ASUS pg248q? Or no, since it is using the same AUO panel as the ASUS?

Thank you for the help!
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Re: ASUS PG248Q vs Acer XB241H ?

Postby Jourgensen » 30 Jan 2017, 12:53

I have the acer XB240H, its the best, better colors, don't hesitate.
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