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Can you guys help me ? (Zowie firmware).

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Can you guys help me ? (Zowie firmware).

Postby Falkentyne » 04 Jan 2017, 18:50

Anyone with a ZOWIE branded Benq XL2720Z, can you please dump the raw firmware file and upload it somewhere?

You can dump it easily with Linux...just follow the instructions up to and STOP at the "merge" command.

The last command you would be doing is the dump command.

(dump current firmware)
sudo ./flashrom -p mstarddc_spi:dev=/dev/i2c-1:49 -c "MX25L1605A/MX25L1606E" -r backup.bin <--again change the 1 to a 0 if you are on bus 0. You need the quotes around the flash chip type.

This should take about 5 minutes to dump. Once that's done, copy backup.bin to a folder on the local hard drive (NOT the USB drive) so you can can upload it somewhere. The dumped file should be 2 mb in size. We can easily verify if you dumped the right thing by a hex editor.
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