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NEW 2017 forum area: Test UFO Motion Test Discussion!

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NEW 2017 forum area: Test UFO Motion Test Discussion!

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 22 Jan 2017, 14:04


As of Year 2017, we've created the new TestUFO topic area on popular demand -- discussion about motion tests. So many people use them, even including several monitor manufacturers.

Did You Know? A little known Blur Busters history fact is that it was also used during the development of the Oculus VR headset (back in the Kickstarter days) which convinced Oculus to add a low-persistence OLED to their subsequent VR headsets. When they were still a very small Kickstarter outfit, they were early beta testers of TestUFO almost 1 year before Facebook bought them out -- long before John Carmack and Michael Abrash came on board. If you have a Oculus low-persistence OLED goggles, you can actually blame TestUFO (and Blur Busters LightBoost-awareness-raising) in part for Oculus' decision to go to low-persistence displays.

This new TestUFO discussion forum can be used for:

-- Questions about TestUFO
-- Requests for new TestUFO tests
-- TestUFO comparisions.
-- Etc.

Clicky: Test UFO Motion Tests Forum

Mark Rejhon
Chief Blur Buster
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