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GTX1080's falling to $499 -- Game Developer's Conference

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GTX1080's falling to $499 -- Game Developer's Conference

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 02 Mar 2017, 10:17


We need powerful GPUs to drive our big-Hz monitors...

At Game Developer's Conference, NVIDIA just announced this week they are cutting the price of their bleeding-edge GTX1080 to just $499.

AnandTech also confirmed. The 1080 Ti is the new champion, but the GTX1080 is still quite powerful (3x faster VR rendering than the original GTX Titan) and will happily drive your brand new 4K GSYNC/ULMB monitor at full framerates...

The prices on Amazon for GTX1080 are now gradually falling to follow suit (takes time for new price to filter through). With Ryzen and Intel suddenly cutting prices on performance CPUs, and also those announced price-cuts on VR headsets too! (Oculus controllers are now essentially included for free with their headsets), it looks like this will finally be a great computer-upgrade year -- with cheaper entry level "Better Than 60Hz" monitors, cheaper GTX1080's, cheaper M.2 SSD's.
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