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Can't decide on new monitor

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Re: Can't decide on new monitor

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 08 Jul 2017, 11:21

open wrote:You can always do some reasearch. Pixel transitions occur across a range of possible color to color transitions. 1ms is just the best case scenario on these monitors. Looking at motion blur pictures or getting detailed measurements like the ones on tft central will give you a better idea of what it will perform like.

Yes, motion blur pictures (pursuit camera) is a great way if your priority is motion clarity with minimum artifacts.

Now about "1ms"....

One thing I'd like to add is there's two different types of milliseconds measurements -- 1ms GtG is not the same thing as 1ms MPRT. A monitor that actually does "1ms MPRT" is a more accurate measurement of motion blur, than a measurement of "1ms GtG". Also, common GtG numbers is the time from 10% transition to 90% transition. So 1ms GtG is often actually be far more than 1ms for full 0-100% transition.

GtG = Grey to Grey, pixel transitions.
MPRT = Moving Picture Response Time

MPRT is also more representative of the blur in motion blur pictures (aka "pursuit photos" of displays)

There's times where a display can do 1ms GtG(90%) but actually has 16.7ms MPRT. So yes, definitely, motion blur pictures (of all modes, strobed, non-strobed, overdrive, etc) is worth a thousand words more than just reading "1ms" in a spec sheet. (They often don't even specify if it's GtG or MPRT!)
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