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*advice needed* Monitors that don't perform badly that much

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*advice needed* Monitors that don't perform badly that much

Postby Vechs » 17 Jun 2017, 17:28

Hello! I have to ask the infamous question : Witch monitor is the best one at this time and day?
In short : I am looking for a 1080p monitor with 144hz and maybe some crt-esque level of clarity and decent colors out of the box. (I do play arena-ish games, such as quake arena, cs, half life, UT99)
I have found bunch of monitors that may be good or bad, I don't know that much, maybe there is stuff that can be pointed out.
Please don't get influenced by this list, I just randomly picked somewhat normal-ish prices ones and somewhat decent specs
List in random order :
Atron Vision AVF240 -(wildcard, don't know any information about this)
LG 24GM77-B -(wildcard, little documentation)
Samsung C24FG70 -(somewhat new but wildcard, with decent colors and/or possible problems)
MSI Optix G27C -(wildcard, no information)
Benq Zowie 2411z -(well documented)
Acer GN246HL -(well documented)
Asus VG248QE -(well documented)
My price limit is around 300ish euros (+- 50 euros)
I would want something that wouldn't have any errors out of the box and wouldn't have any ghosting problems or blur reduction problems. Be shure to suggest a monitor that is worth taking a look!
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Re: *advice needed* Monitors that don't perform badly that m

Postby lexlazootin » 18 Jun 2017, 02:03

The easy suggestion is just to go with any Acer/Asus/Benq because they are all going to be relatively good with little to no problems. They all tend to use the same panels anyways.

Your best bet is to find a monitor that TFT has reviewed and recommended because every though they are from well respected brands, they still can be a bit meh.

Personally i'm not a big fan of Benq because of their terrible ghosting and colour setting out of the box but a lot of people like them for the Blur Reduction features which can be really nice with some light hacking.

The Acer and Asus are pretty good bets but maybe if you can find one with G-Sync, Speedrunning HL with 100fps cap feels really smooth with G-Sync :P
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