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VG248QE to PG258Q upgrade impressions

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VG248QE to PG258Q upgrade impressions

Postby open » 08 Jul 2017, 09:33

As you know the vg248qe is a great competitive gaming monitor with low input lag, good response times, bright, 144hz, and 120hz lightboost.

I recently upgraded from that to the pg258q.

EDIT:according to some test I have done it has less input lag. I think its just a perception thing for me.
It seems to have more input lag or maybe my computer does. This could be due to not using srgb mode. On the vg248qe sRGB was decently bright and the other modes had poor contrast tuning greys to full white ect. So i used srgb. On the pg258qe the other modes offer full range contrast and the srgb mode is very dark so i use racing mode.

240hz for me is not a huge boost in competitive performance over 144hz but it is a huge boost in vsync off smoothness.

The pg258q offers even better brightness than the vg248qe. This is amazing with the ULMB at 144hz the monitor is brighter than others that dont have strobing.

This monitor shines most at 144hz ULMB having great brightness and color quality with almost imperceivable motion blur/crosstalk. My eyes cannot see any motion blur with the ufo tests im pushing it to 1ms mprt and i cant really push it further without robot eyes.

The option of 240hz or 30-240hz gsync is nice as well. There may be a better monitor as far as input lag goes. According to tft central the input lag is almost nothing though so this may be a subjective perception.
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