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Looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor

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Looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor

Postby Sptz » 18 Aug 2017, 06:15

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor. I don't know if there's anything better nowadays than the XL2411Z? I've been out of the loop for the past year or so. Basically low input lag is a must and good color reproduction although with the XL2411Z I remember I could use a windows color profile that made it great as out of the box was absolutely horrid.

Also, my desk only has 50CM of depth, I know it's ridiculous, that's what I get for living in a massive city I guess. Anyway, I'd like also some recommendations on monitor arms (if you know any) that can be clamped to the side of the table (this desk's back is glued to the wall) so I can maximise space.

Thanks in advance ^^
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Re: Looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor

Postby lexlazootin » 18 Aug 2017, 06:53

What's your budget? Anything but the XL2411Z would be a good choice unless you need the Benq Blur Reduction at that price point, Acer/Asus have same panel or better with no crazy colours out of the box.

windows color profile can only do so much, and it doesn't apply to ingame.
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Re: Looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor

Postby Sptz » 18 Aug 2017, 07:24

I used blur reduction with the tool from this site when I owned it. I mainly play csgo. Would I be losing much by going acer or asus without that feature?
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Re: Looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor

Postby Sptz » 18 Aug 2017, 08:52

I'd essentially like it to have very little blur, like I remember I had with XL2411Z with the tool provided here:


What other monitors nowadays are good in that regard apart from the BenQ?
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Re: Looking for a new 24" 144hz monitor

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 18 Aug 2017, 11:05

Any strobe-backlight monitor found in the Official List of Best Gaming Monitors will allow you to achieve the "2ms" or "1ms" clarity results (CRT motion clarity). However, they differ in how good they hit the "1ms" instead of "2ms", and they differ in strobe crosstalk.

What you want is an adjustable-persistence monitor (modern equivalent of LightBoost 10%->100%) with good brightness during short strobe lengths.

In 2013, Blur Busters single-handedly convinced NVIDIA to add the "ULMB Pulse Width" setting, thanks to LightBoost 10% vs 100% awareness, so you might be happy with a high-Hz GSYNC monitor with ULMB for good strobed motion clarity. NVIDIA is the gold standard in "easy ULMB strobe backlights" that don't need calibration, as long as you don't mind being stuck at 85Hz/100Hz/120Hz (without monitor-specific hacks).

On the other hand, you might want to consider the Zowie XL2546, a 240Hz monitor. I currently believe that the Benq XL2546 may now be the new gold strobe standard for strobe calibration fans, as it is:

  1. [To be measured] Reportedly extremely bright strobing -- claimed to be over 300 nits in strobed mode.
    To compare, LightBoost was usually only 50-100 nits.
  2. It should be compatible with Blur Busters Strobe Utility
  3. Supports adjustable strobe lengths & strobe phase & large vertical totals.
    The triple combination needed for good user tweaking without manufacturer-lockins like ULMB non-adjustabiity
  4. Unlocked strobing at all refresh rates (75Hz-240Hz) in 1Hz increments. Strobing will be too crosstalky above ~180Hz but it is just a matter of user preference;
    The bonus is that it's an unlocked adjustment of an analog-like "refresh rate versus crosstalk" tradeoff as you step upwards 1Hz at a time. This gives users more choice on what strobed Hz they want.
  5. 240Hz headroom makes "near-crosstalk-free" 144Hz strobing possible.
    More Hz headroom = better strobing at lower Hz

All the above, combined (if you don't need 60Hz single-strobe), with ultra-low strobe lag, kind of makes the XL2546 the golden standard in strobed gaming monitors.

NVIDIA are impressive wizards at what they do with ULMB/LightBoost, but when we really want to tweak, tweak, tweak, AFAIK, it's probably the Benq/Zowie XL2546 just simply by sheer brightness alone.

Note: I personally created Strobe Utility for free (no payment from BenQ/Zowie). Blur Busters is currently reliant on "Amazon affiliate" income to fund the further improvement of our tests, research, utilities, software. Although not yet officially tested, the Strobe Utility should support XL2546 out of the box (Albiet with one bug: The persistence slider behaves opposite what it should). In alternative to that, the Service Menu has the same adjustments.

Support Blur Busters: Benq/Zowie XL2546 on Amazon

If you want to wait for further confirmations you can, however Amazon does have a good refund policy, and you do have experience with the XL2411Z, so that is also a plus for you, so XL2411Z familiarity will help you with using an XL2546. The XL2546 monitor stand can be detached to reveal VESA 100mm -- for a monitor arm (I verified it does support it).

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