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Dell S2716DG vs AOC AG271QG

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Dell S2716DG vs AOC AG271QG

Postby leet4leet » 23 Aug 2017, 11:21

Hello Everyone!
I ask for help in choosing a monitor with good colors, with the very minimum delays, input lags, good response time that is only possible, as well as for a competitive/fast-paced games (QC, UT,CSGO etc). Given the above criteria, my choice fell on Dell S2716DG and AOC AG271QG. From what I've heard, Dell is a good enough monitor, but I do not like the standard gamma 1.9 and the lack of settings in the OSD. Also, many ppl complain about problems with the coverage of the display itself and the inversion of pixels. But this is a monitor with a TN panel (should be the fastest panel of those that is). At the same time, the AOC has an IPS panel, and the response time, input lag, delays should be slightly higher than that of the TN panels. Who can tell me what the delays, input lags, response time (feels some delay in fast action) is with this monitor? How much blurry it is? There be no problems while play some fast games like Quake for example? I'm not really worried about 150% percent color reproduction, I do not do video / photo editing, but sometimes I'd like to watch movies with decent colors. Thanks!
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Re: Dell S2716DG vs AOC AG271QG

Postby RealNC » 23 Aug 2017, 18:56

I have a monitor that uses the same panel as the AOC, and there's no issues with latency. I play CS:GO on it.

Rocket Jump Ninja (Quake player) has a video about it:

It's not the AOC, but it uses the same IPS panel so it behaves quite similar.

The actual issue you're going to get with the monitor is not latency or anything like that. It's IPS glow. In dark games in a dark room, you can see a glow coming from the off-center viewing angles. Basically, IPS glow replaces TN color/gamma shift. IPS glow is the lesser evil for me, but this is subjective. You might actually prefer TN color/gamma shift.
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