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looking for a new 240hz monitor purely for csgo

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Re: looking for a new 240hz monitor purely for csgo

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 01 Sep 2017, 16:03

masterotaku wrote:I wouldn't say "mostly" when it's pretty easy to do currently on G-Sync monitors, although unofficially. I could make it work correctly up to 125Hz, and lexlazootin up to 144Hz with his 240Hz monitor.

LOL -- yes, you're essentially right -- but the word "mostly" is relative/semantical. We're at least in agreement it is not "none" nor "all". ;)

Let's consider it is not universal and I said VRR which includes FreeSync. It works on none of the over 100+ FreeSync monitors. It doesn't work on my BenQ XL2420G nor my ASUS ROG PG278Q, it doesn't seem to want to co-operate on certain models of VA/ultrawides (anecdotally). The usable range for strobed-VRR-hacks is tight (e.g. 75Hz-125Hz range). And when it does work, we have epileptic risks of the low-stroberate flicker that needs to be safeguarded in the future -- even for me, it's painful to see random-low-Hz flicker. Plus, I think you tested on less than 25% of the G-SYNC monitor list. (right?) When you total-sum all of that together, that falls to the rationale of my use of the word "mostly", but yeah, it's all relative depending on scope (VRR? GSYNC only? Newer GSYNC only?)

I agree though, I'd like VRR strobing to become more mainstream, like a driver hacks to force minimum strobe rates, CRU presets memorized for common GSYNC monitors, etc. We need to begin creating a ULMB+GSYNC HOWTO for this, for such users.

I can certainly recognize tight strobed VRR ranges are still quite useful -- ULMB+GSYNC is also very useful for flexible frame caps -- basically a "VSYNC ON mode that does not stutter when framerate dips slightly". Which is excellent for strobing since a single frame drop has amplified visibility during strobed modes! 120fps framerate cap but permitting framerates to modulate up/down harmlessly stutterlessly (e.g. 110fps, 100fps) during the more complex scenes.

Another thing that will be excellent is some modification to the framerate cap utility to force repeat-refreshes to force minimum stroberates to also avoid the epileptic strobe situations too. Basically, modified frame rate capping utility that also has a minimum framerate setting that re-Present()'s the current frame automatically if too long a duration has elapsed since last frame/last strobe flash. And a modified CRU that automatically adds the specific monitor-specific VT's necessary to unlock the variable-rate strobing. Automating this into a software utility would be a big bonus in making VRR+strobing more accessible to the mainstream. Possibly even make this an open-source utility, if someone wants to start it, with a modifiable configuration file as new monitors are discovered (adding more CRU modelines).

Yeah, I'm getting offtopic in this thread. [I'm going to PM you now]
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Re: looking for a new 240hz monitor purely for csgo

Postby masterotaku » 01 Sep 2017, 17:34

Chief Blur Buster wrote:snip

PM answered.

Yeah, only 1/3 of ULMB monitors have been confirmed to work. And some others (I don't remember which ones) were failures. Then maybe almost half of ULMB monitors have been tested.

If I could, I would enable single strobing down to a bit less than 30fps, just for fun :p. Ideally it should be user configurable and have the option of gradual non strobing, frame repeats, etc, as you say.
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