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Re: Low motion blur monitor for PS4 ?

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 14:00
by Chief Blur Buster
puzaq wrote:Overall I am browsing Dell website and they have a lot of models... If I were to drop the 144hz game, then maybe it's worth getting 4k? How would 1080p games look on 4k monitor?

Please tell me which is more important:
-- Lack of motion blur during gameplay
-- Highest resolution

If you prefer lack of motion blur, I recommend sticking to 1080p or 1440p. Remember that due to motion blur, all of the 4K monitors (except the Zisworks one) currently have less clear graphics "during motion" than 1080p has "statically". If you need clarity during static images and motion images, then you're best staying 1080p if you came to Blur Busters to eliminate motion blur.

4K is amazing and great for a lot of things, especially for slower games, but it can be very laggy (60Hz...) and very blurry (no MBR), except for the Zisworks 4K120 display at this time. Several can do a good job at scaling 1080p, but it won't have less motion blur than today's 1080p non-strobed 60Hz.

You could instead focus on colors, HDR, and resolution, and not worry about motion blur. Or you could wait for one of those Acer/ASUS 4K120 monitors with 384-segment scanning backlights, that said, those will be 4-figure-priced monitors.

Re: Low motion blur monitor for PS4 ?

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 15:06
by puzaq
Sorry guys I don't know anymore :P
Seeing that it's impossible(I mean IT IS possible but not optimal) to get low motion blur at 60fps or 30fps on ps4, my focus turned towards image quality and colors. Blame @lexlazootin - he linked me dell monitor and I looked on their site!
I came here looking for 144hz monitor with strobing but my pc is not much up to the task and ps4 is not the best choice for 144hz either.
With 4k monitor maybe I could use with some ps4 and older pc games/lowered detail newer games.

The U2718Q is 4k 60hz. Have "some" kind of hdr support, 10bit panel and someone on reddit said that 4k scales 1080p quite well.
Dell specs also say 1300:1 contrast ratio which is weird. All of their other monitors are 1000:1 but there are no reviews yet.
And UP2718Q is just too expensive. I don't care about hdr that much.

The 384 dimming zones monitors incoming sound fantastic but I am never paying more than ~400/500 for a monitor. So I might end up getting 4k now maybe and upgrade to true OLED or at least FALD when they will be out and cost half a grand...

Re: Low motion blur monitor for PS4 ?

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 16:24
by Chief Blur Buster
Yes, the monitor market is fairly complicated.

If we had a truly multisync OLED with VRR and can strobe at any Hz, it could tick the boxes as a jack-of-all-trades display. But we have to cherrypick display attributes that perform well! But it may be a while before they are within your price range -- the first ones to come out will no doubt be extremely expensive for quite some time to come.

With the changes in goals -- yes, you simply want a monitor that looks good for PS4/XB1. If you don't care about motion blur anymore, 4K 60Hz can be a good compromise. PS4 Pro will play at 4K and you get to play 4K videos well, and enjoy Windows desktop at near-retina resolutions. This could be a good balance of a compromise.

That said, do you plan to do PC gaming? How sensitive are you to stutters? $400-$500 is well within the budget of a GSYNC/FreeSync monitor. GSYNC/FreeSync can make lower framerates look much better -- e.g. perfectly stutterfree 45fps or 47fps or 69fps. And frame drops are now invisible on GSYNC/FreeSync monitors! 60fps->59fps->60fps doesn't have visible stutter, for example on a GSYNC/FreeSync monitor. Here is an animation demo of VRR (view this in a stutter-free web browser, though). Do you prefer 4K or prefer stutter-free PC gaming?

Re: Low motion blur monitor for PS4 ?

PostPosted: 20 Sep 2017, 16:39
by puzaq
i've did some digging on that Dell U2718Q and it's not reall HDR. Besides hdr on pc is borken now and the real UP2718Q with dimming zones is too expensive. Not sure how the fake dell HDR on U2718Q looks and if it'w worth over the price of normal 4k displays. (I welcome recommendations).

As for gsync/freesync. I am not sure if I prefer 4k or free stutters/no tearing option.
When I play on pc, I usually force vsync and lock framerate to 59 with riva tuner statistics server. It feels faster and does not tear.
When I can't do that I either lock to 30fps or lower game settings.
With 4k, there is no way I am doing 60fps so I would have to lock to 30fps in new games anyway and/or lower settings. Probably even if I bought gtx 1070 (or what's coming next).

that way or another - I've not experienced either 4K(outside of huge tv's) and freesync.