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240Hz Frameskipping Thread -- And Bugfixed Monitors

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Re: 240Hz Frameskipping Thread -- And Bugfixed Monitors

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 25 Oct 2018, 18:15

For 240Hz frameskippers, you need to expose longer (40+ squares worth -- approximately 1/6sec camera exposure) to be sure, since some monitors frameskipped 1-in-40. Those are too short runs. However, you did capture multiple samples, which helps compensate for the too-short-exposures.

However, I've heard anecdotes that the XF270HA newer manufacturing is fixed.

Thanks for the information! We appreciate it.
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Re: 240Hz Frameskipping Thread -- And Bugfixed Monitors

Postby A Solid lad » 10 Jan 2019, 08:29

A number of Slovakian e-shops are selling the ACER XF270HA for 250~ eur...
I still haven't settled on a monitor, so might try ordering one (even though I vastly prefer Benq for their black eq, 3 fully customisable presets, universally low input lag, and overall better quality) but I have a suspicion they're still from the older, frameskipping batch.

Link for anyone living nearby:
Youtube channel:
Steam profile with PC Specs:
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Re: 240Hz Frameskipping Thread -- And Bugfixed Monitors

Postby tschennis » 13 Jan 2019, 20:54

There is an offer on Amazon for Acer XF0 XF250Qbmidprx, 24.5" (UM.KX0EE.A01) for 270€ right now.
I thought about purchasing a 240 or 144 hz monitor with freesync (since it is useable with Nvidia soon - I have a gtx 1060).
Are there any problems like frameskipping with this monitor?
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