240Hz Frameskipping Thread -- And Bugfixed Monitors

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Re: 240Hz Frameskipping Thread (UPDATE: fixed except XF270HA

Post by jensgram » 20 Sep 2019, 17:34

Chief Blur Buster wrote:Oh!

Damn -- You got the one 240Hz monitor (out of the 13 models now shipping) we haven't solved frameskipping in, yet. :(

Can you try HalfwayDead's numbers and post some smartphone photographs here? If you want to ship it back today -- I understand!

If you get a different 240Hz, then here is the whitelist:

AF251FZ -- frameskipping solved user-side
XG2530 -- frameskipping solved user-side (but they were also wonderfully fast to fix it in their firmware, too!)
XF270HA -- the one we're trailblazing
XG258Q -- untested
GSYNC 240Hz -- no frameskipping issue

I'll bump the Amazon gift certificate to $50 now. There is no expiration date -- this bounty remains good until someone finds ToastyX settings that fixes the frameskipping on an XF270HA.

XF270HA doesn't exist in our monitor lists because of frameskipping. We removed XF270HA from the monitor lists below a while back until the manufacturer has fixed it -- but I haven't heard back from Acer yet.
Did you ever find a solution to this problem? And do you know for sure that October 17 is the month that separate the bad screens with frameskipping from the better ones?

At the moment I'm looking at a XF270HA with factory month August 17, should I keep my fingers away from it?

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Re: 240Hz Frameskipping Thread -- And Bugfixed Monitors

Post by A Solid lad » 24 Sep 2019, 15:38

I'd suggest getting it only if there's an option to return it, in case it fails the framskipping test.
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