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"scanlines" at 144hz? Is this normal?

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"scanlines" at 144hz? Is this normal?

Postby Kirisame5 » 05 Oct 2017, 20:29

Hello blurbusters! Please excuse this (potentially) basic question, but its been racking my mind crazy as i try to get my new monitor.

So i'm upgrading from an old BenQ xl2411 144hz monitor, decided to move up to a G-sync.
Heres the issue i keep running into, iv gone through 2 Acer predator xb241h monitors, and now it looks like i might be returning my ASUS PG248Q too.

All three monitors had these faint (But still visible, particularly on certain dark and light colors) horizontal "scanlines" from top to bottom. It *seems* to get worse, or better, depending on what i set my refresh rate too, from what i could gather. (I should also note that both Acer's seemed to be a tad on the burry side vs my benQ and current Asus).

I'm also pretty sure my second predator had less noticeable lines at 144hz then my current ASUS does.

Interestingly my old BenQ did not appear to have these lines at 144 (or maybe they where hardly visible?) when i decided to do a comparison between it and my ASUS. I Tried different gfx cards and dp cables, didn't make a difference.

So at this point, i'm not sure exactly what i'm looking at. Are these known issues with TN panels? Did i hit the lottery with my BenQ? is this something to RMA over (Again)? Or maybe i'm just going crazy :?

Any opinions are appreciated, thanks!
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Re: "scanlines" at 144hz? Is this normal?

Postby Q83Ia7ta » 05 Oct 2017, 22:29

It's known issue (scanlines at highest refresh rate) with 144Hz TN monitors. You can search this forum.
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