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Asus PG258Q vertical scanlines

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Re: Asus PG258Q vertical scanlines

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 09 Nov 2017, 12:30

I'm not yet sure IPS is yet ready for 240Hz. Yet. Technically, it's possible. Just that ghosting starts to smear things sooner on IPS than on TN. Ghosting from the GtG brick walls pulls the diminishing-points-of-returns much earlier than it does for TN. That's really seen when going 144Hz->165Hz on current 165Hz overclockable IPS monitors.

5ms GtG versus 1ms GtG did not matter for 60 Hertz but it is a huge difference in the Hertz stratosphere and creates a brick-wall in the diminishing-points-of-returns. If only panel limitations didn't block the way to 1000Hz (which is indeed worthwhile), already, yesterday! ;)

There are people here very happy with their monitor despite effects like the faint-scanlines effect, while it bothers others. Same for TN viewing angles or IPS glow issues, but also goes for more obscure issues like inversion artifacts or scanlines artifacts. Everyone is sensitive to different things. I can understand it is annoying to have a specific panel flaw, no matter how faint. That said, it is really a personal decision to decide if you want to switch a specific flaw (like this) for a different set of flaws (that might be improved for you) since it's hard to say what flaws you can put up with. We'd love flawless ultrabright OLED HDR, but we can't get that today.
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