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What should I be excited for in 2018?

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What should I be excited for in 2018?

Postby ericl » 11 Nov 2017, 00:30

So I was checking the list of upcoming 2018 monitors...

And nothing really seems that crazy!

I'm running the Asus PG258Q @ 240hz as my daily driver (With my Asus PG278Q 144hz 27" as backup) and I really can't see anything exponentially better in the horizon.

Maybe at 27" with 2560x1200 resolution @ 240hz with 0.5ms ? Am I missing something? What is everyone else looking forward to ?
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Re: What should I be excited for in 2018?

Postby RealNC » 11 Nov 2017, 01:12

Pretty much nothing, really. I was hoping for quicker developments in the OLED sector, but it seems we'll be stuck with LCD for some years yet.
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