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Issues with display-output stuck to 200hz and no 240hz optn

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Re: Issues with display-output stuck to 200hz and no 240hz o

Postby Chief Blur Buster » 18 Nov 2017, 12:13

You can give it a try -- but no guarantees.

I get reports from both 600 and 700 series users about difficulties running 240Hz (even with DisplayPort 1.2), though more often from 600 series users than from 700 series users. These "240Hz difficulty" reports stop sometime after the 700 series when using the correct cable.

Also, UserBenchmark says GTX 760 is slower than the GTX 670 so I don't think that's the direction you want to go...
Using the -60 suffix of next generation doesn't tend to go faster than the immediately preceding generation's -70 suffix, and sometimes significantly slower, depending on the generation. However, several generations ahead, -60 is definitely much faster. For example, GTX 1060 will blow away a GTX 670.

For an upgrade, I wouldn't go less than the 900 series for 240Hz.
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